Our View: Public meeting on city-county water dispute needed

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Elizabeth City officials are probably right when they say agreeing to Pasquotank County commissioners’ request for a public meeting on the two governments’ now year-old water rate dispute wouldn’t result in an agreement that had the county dropping its lawsuit against the city and the city dismissing its countersuit against the county.

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Dear TDA, We have discussed it in public

And apparently very well from the details you have in your article. Given that is the situation what is to be gained from us beating this dead horse in public together versus what we have already done separately.

It wouldn't "give the public a chance to hear directly from their elected leaders why pursuing this dispute in court is necessary." any more than they already have. Virtually no one attends Joint meetings, they aren't televised and it is left to TDA to "report" what was said. Again, you seem to have the facts pretty well in hand and reach a whole lot more people than a meeting would.

As for not meeting on other issues, we have proposed several agendas and been told they weren't interested. We will be trying again in the new year and I hope there will be some desire to dialogue. In reality there aren't many joint issues that haven't been worked out previously and that leaves a few that we will never discuss, like the skewed split of sales tax revenues, hanging out there forever.

Remember, it took almost 5 years to get them to sit down and even discuss interlocal agreements on 911, animal control and EMS services and then only when Council discussed not paying without a contract. And they really didn't want to discuss excessive tax collection fees either. And let's not forget the overcharges for election service which had to go to the State BOE for arbitration, in our favor.

So what, besides the lawsuit, do you think we should discuss?

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