Letter: Trump may turn out a rat, but he's our rat

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Your cartoon in the Nov. 23 edition featured two American Indians hiding in the bushes watching a handful of innocent-looking Pilgrims coming ashore. In the cartoon, one Indian says to the other: ”I say let them come in — what’s the worse that could happen”? The handful became a tidal wave that swept the natives away and their country was lost due to a lack of understanding and do-gooder intentions.

What happened to the Indians is now happening to us for most of the 20th century. Today we have two Hispanic-Americans, one of whom is foreign born, with the possibility of becoming the first of that culture becoming president and subduing our Anglo-Saxon heritage.

Like President Barack Obama before them, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz will finish what Obama started if one of them becomes president — total destruction of white, Anglo-Saxon heritage. All one needs to do is visit the once great city of Dallas, Texas and see the aftermath of a Hispanic invasion. Most immigrants bring along their own brand of chaos from their native country, creating 10 times the squalor they left behind.

I’ve said from the start that Donald Trump, a son of Abraham and heir to the promise, may turn out as president to be a low-life rat — worse than anyone in that office before him. But at least he’ll be our rat, so I’m staying with him even if he goes independent.

A third-party candidacy will wreck the GOP but so what? The game’s over for America at that point anyway.

Trump shows a lot more love and respect for our nation than any career politician and the media, including Fox News. He will appoint conservative justices and I love that.






Mr. Lacy to be ignorant is bad enough, but an ignorant racist is pathetic. And for the Daily Advance to print such dribble is lowering the standards of the paper yet again. WAFAH Inc.

Showing your true colors (or lack thereof)

Although his many previous rants have always implied it, this time Lacy's own words confirm his status as an unapologetic racist of the lowest sort.


Mr. Lacy, with all due respect, I really don't understand why you defend "Anglo-Saxon" ancestry when your own Britsh roots are owed to Norwegians.

Your name can have nothing to do with the Anglo-Saxons except through mongrel breeding after 1066, just as every other human is connected to their own earliest ancestors. Anglo-Saxons dominated the British Isles for 500 years before the Norman Conquest when William the Conqueror defeated the Anglo Saxons in 1066. Curiously, your name springs from France, an ally in the conquest, and generally doesn't appear in England until the Conquest.

Perhaps most shocking to you certainly, but especially to 19th Century Americans, may be that your name is now predominantly Irish, centered in County Limerick. And we all certainly know how warmly the Irish were received by True Americans, don't we? Of course you may claim Notinghamshire as your earliest traced roots, but what's a political border between blood relations? After all, Nothinghamshire is just a hotbed of English/Irish Lacys now!

There were probably quite a few Lacys who fought with Union Irish Brigades standing next to Drumpfs in Union German Brigades during the Late Unpleasantness, so maybe you do have something in common with Mr. Trump. Of course those Drumpfs couldn't have been these Trumps because Trumps are newcomers who shrugged off their own name just to survive here, the Land of the Free. In fact, Trumps are mere pikers compared to the Lacys, who have been "True Americans" for exactly how long?

So how do you explain this strange allegiance to a group to which you do not belong.

Now doesn't St. Patrick's Day, that honors a truly humble man, just make the cutest little bookend to your pathetic hubris?

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

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