Holly Audette: To be nominee, Trump must also win at convention

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Some observations about the current presidential contest.

Someone please show me actual evidence Donald Trump is a racist? I don’t mean a biased analysis of his facial expressions during questioning, or a conclusion drawn interpreting the time it took for him to answer a particular question. No speculation. Show me evidence. Evidence doesn’t seem to carry much weight anymore.

A new “low” in presidential politics? Gary Hart and Monkey Business? Ted Kennedy, the girl drowned in his car? John Edwards and the affair while his wife was dying of cancer? The fraudulent rape charges of Twana Brawley against the New York police that candidate Al Sharpton touted? James Carville’s dragging a dollar bill through a trailer park during Bill Clinton’s “bimbo eruptions?” What the definition of “is, is” in the debate of whether oral sex is sex? Impeachment, disbarment, the cigars and the famous dress? Assault, rape, murder, affairs, sex with interns? So you want to claim with any integrity that this year is a new low? Really?

How do you claim the title the smartest woman in America and then excuse every single bad act as being because you can’t remember, you didn’t know, what difference does it make? At what point in time do your constant excuses deem you incompetent at best?

I fear the unknown with Donald Trump. I am not convinced he is a philosophical conservative. However, I admit that I am relieved about his character when I look at his hard-working, well-mannered children who have avoided the scandal sheets in a culture that records everything and loves to expose anyone for their flaws.

I am fed up with the boogeyman “establishment” scapegoat. Mitt Romney and John McCain both won the Republican Party’s nomination without a brokered convention, meaning they got enough popular vote to gain the number of delegates to win before the Republican convention. Trump may or may not, but he has not yet. So if he doesn’t, he goes to the convention like many before him and attempts to prevail through the convention process with a majority. No one “steals” the election because no candidate wins enough popular vote to gain the delegates necessary to win before the convention and so all candidates proceed to round two. You want to be a GOP candidate? You agree to this process. Otherwise, choose a different path. The current process hugely advantages a candidate like Trump who so far does not get a majority of popular votes to win before the convention because a vast majority of GOP voters are choosing candidates other than him. Those are the facts. So when I hear people who barely have one toe in the Republican Party threaten, if the “establishment” steals the election from Trump against the will of the people,” I ask, what will? If more people in the GOP process want someone other than Trump, why does he deserve a coronation?

If he can’t win enough popular vote in a process designed to allow someone to win without a majority, a process the last two GOP candidates won, how is it stealing the election? How is it going against the will of the two-thirds who voted for a different Republican, the will of the majority, to require him to go through step two of the GOP nominating process? Is it because the rules don’t apply to Trump? Is it because he is entitled to a new set of rules because he is Trump? Convince the majority and you win. Don’t and you get a second chance with the convention process.

Ronald Reagan versus Gerald Ford: both failed to get enough popular votes. In that second process, less than 200 votes separated the winner, Ford. They had a shot through the popular vote, then another shot through the representative vote. Reagan lost and supported Ford. He tried the next time and won. No whining about unfairness or some boogeyman’s fault because he didn’t convince the majority. Anyone can vote at the convention but it requires you to do the hard work. Show up at county, district and state meetings. One man, one vote. There is nothing unfair, stolen or anti-populist about this. Don’t expect to avoid practices, not play in scrimmages and show up at the Super Bowl to claim entitlement to be coach and quarterback. No one requires you to be Republican or to be a GOP candidate. If the masses are so unhappy with the existing parties, only those masses stop other party options. Don’t yell excuses about money and establishment unless you explain why Jeb Bush is out. Play by the rules, work from within to change them or do the hard work to build your own party. Personal accountability. This requires being a doer not a complainer. Pretty simple, yet I know how many will cry foul hearing it.


o be nominee, Trump must also win at convention

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