Wright offensive to many readers

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Wright offensive to many readers

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that people will stand in line to be offended by something. In that regard The Daily Advance is certainly getting its money’s worth in Bud Wright.

Not only does he offend many readers with his “proud liberal” ranting, he himself acts offended by anyone to the political right of Barbara Streisand. It is our misfortune that Mr. Wright feels compelled to enter the already crowded field of making comments about comments. His observations imply that local readers are incapable of understanding the leftist propaganda from MSNBC and other national sources without his help.

Though Mr. Wright fancies himself to be the nemeses of FOX News and the political hacks on the right flank, he lacks the horsepower for that effort. All is not lost however. Bud does have a talent for challenging the declining mores and manners of our local citizenry.

One commentary of his about a shopping encounter was politically neutral yet thought provoking. His observation of “How can we expect our politicians to behave when citizens are so uncivil?” was at a level that we might actually be able to act upon. With that in mind, I would ask Mr. Wright to descend from the stratosphere of his would be “Washington Insider” interpretations and focus instead on local issues where he might be able to make a difference.


Elizabeth City


Really Offensive

Since you find Mr. Wright's articles so offensive, maybe you should follow Swamp Dog's lead and find new reading material.


Mr. Wright would do well to drop the 5-dollar words he forces into the conversation and stick with words understood by all. Even we educated folks scratch our heads at the forced labor some of these poor words are called on to perform.

Mr Wrights column

reminds me of the rediculous stuff I read on the wall of the mens room while standing at the urinal...HO HUM...YAWN.

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