Letter: US at its worst when Republican in White House

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I can’t recall a single time where the economy was doing really great when Republicans were in the White House. I do recall two times when our country and the middle class were really suffering.

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Forgot the 80s?

Apparently the letter writer forgot the 80s and the 1950s. The Depression, it has been shown, was not improved by FDR's programs, but extended, and it was only WWII that finally brought us out of it.


I thought that Republicans prided themselves as the party of morals. As we'be seen over the past decade+ they certainly have been the face of evil, and adding to this is disrespect toward their elders. Shameful indeed.

Oh dear, sweet Evelyn.............

I'm surprised that you are able to recall anything. You're just enjoying one of many perks of your very senior years, selectively remembering the very good times, then confusing them with your favorite cartoon characters of the past. Hallucinate on, sweetheart!

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