Letter: Obama haters will be lost when he leaves office

The Daily Advance

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One of your letter-writers, who suffers from Obama derangement syndrome, is going to be one lonely fellow after President Obama leaves the White House in January 2017, as he won’t have him to blame for every future atrocity that may take place in the world.

Dear Reader,
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Move to "The Land of OZ!"

After giving your article more thought and then connecting that article with all your previous articles I recommend you move to "The Land of OZ." This could be the utopia you so ardently seek to find and maybe all the other liberals will join you there. That would be a win, win for both liberals and conservatives. Just a thought!

Where's the tolerance from the tolerant party?

Why is it Ann that when everyone complained about George Bush and disagreed with him no one called them racists? Yet when one disagrees with President Obama they're called bigots, racists and everything else one human can do to demonize another. You claim to be part of a tolerant party but you are anything but tolerant!

Ha! Very amusing!

Suppose we had a time machine - who's not to say McCain and Palin could have done better? In fact, over that eight year span, they probably would have wrecked the economy, destroyed the environment, went to full-scale war with several nations simultaneously and most possibly alienate what allies we have left. That's what the new extreme right-wing brand of Republicans do these days.

Ann - it's not him, it's his

Ann - it's not him, it's his policies that are hated. If Hillary goes to the white house instead of prison - and if Hillary persists with the same policies, she will replace him as the target of criticism as well.

You say "he won’t have him to blame for every future atrocity that may take place in the world." ..... It will be many decades before Obama is absolved of responsibility for the Iran nuclear deal (guess who will be blamed when Iran cheats, which they will). Obama is responsible for our premature withdrawal from Iraq which led to ISIS taking hold. There are many other aspects of our economy and world standing for which Obama will be blamed for years to come.

Not true, ANN!

As now, after he steps down, Obama will be VERY guilty of setting the stage for many devastating events to come. His legacy will be that of severely weakening a mighty America through his self-serving liberalism, crushing the American economy, and killing the American dream. My only hope is that he and all of his staunch supporters live longer and suffer more than those whose dreams and lives he destroyed during his tenure.

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