Letter: More anger, not less, can correct US’ course

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I was very disappointed with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s GOP response to the president’s State of the Union speech. She said that we should resist the “siren call” of the “angriest voices.” Well, hello! News flash! We are in an election year and many concerned patriotic Americans are rightfully angry at what is happening to this great nation. We are facing very real enemies who hate us and want to do us harm.

Dear Reader,
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That's beside the point

ectraveller. When the conseqences of the national dept --which is now over 18 trillion--hit this nation they will impact each and every one of us. oh and in case you havn't noticed the politician I was criticising in the letter was a REPUBLICAN. Trump is far from perfect and I have my share of disagreements with his views,however, he is a very successful buisnessman and those skills can and will help steer this nation away from disaster ---before it is too late.

Mr. Clarke, all funnin' aside...

Here's a link to what I think may be the most sane presentation regarding our National Debt. I strongly recommend this to anyone and everyone who is interested, which SHOULD be ALL of us, as Mr. Clarke has pointed out.


Thank you, Mr. Clarke, for making me more thoughtful on the matter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

You're welcome Force 12

and thanks for the link.


Wrong, Mr. Crossbow. Ocean-going icebergs are NOT saltwater, but freshwater. Now that republican-guided raping of the planet has accelerated global climate change, those same icebergs are melting and releasing massive amounts of fresh water into the world's oceans. Sea level rise is one consequence, but so is disruption of ocean currents that distribute heat around the planet.

Depending on the amount of fresh water into these currents, we can either have a hellish future marked by more intense storms, drier climate with drought, forest fires and scorched crops, all of which in turn would result in famine, increased competition for resources and worldwide political instability.

The other alternative is that if enough fresh water is released from the Ice Caps, exceeding the already faster-than-expected rates as scientists are discovering today, we could be plunged into the next Ice Age. Neither future seems particularly pleasant to think about, and I'm pretty sure in either case, when survival is at the top of every human being's mind, American or not, the state of the U.S. economy would be a moot topic.

Hmmmm. Must be a ...

republican iceberg. Democrats would just steer around it or perhaps capture it and send it to Flint for fresh water to replace what was stolen by republicans to save a buck.

Or maybe republicans would require good guys to carry these dangerous icebergs to stop the bad guys who also have dangerous icebergs, because, well, icebergs. And they're dangerous. Icebergs.

If government really does start to work like business, god help us. We'll all be living in Flint without even an iceberg to lick.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

Force 12

I cannot believe that YOU are that clueless as to what is going on---the out of control spending effects ALL of us and you are talking about flint--a matter that has nothing to do with my point--which is when the dept really hits all the politics will be moot. Oh and by the way ocean iceburgs are made of SEA water--not fresh water--and they are also non partisan. Respectfully submitted Ray Clarke Sr-----not silent.

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