Letter: Chowan officials not listening on wind complaints

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In the Jan. 13th edition of the Chowan Herald, Editor Reggie Ponder wrote an informative article concerning the Chowan County commissioners and wind energy.

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Mr. Gillam - While I am NOT familiar with the facts on either side of this issue, I appreciate your well written letter. I encourage you and the other 649 plus residents to continue rocking the boat in an attempt to have your concerns addressed. Great example of how "the system" should work. Obviously, the Commissioners serve at the will of the voters. They certainly are not tasked to make all their constituents happy, but they do have a responsibility to listen, do their homework and use proper business judgement when making decisions. If that is not done, it should be reflected at the voting booth. I look forward to following this story in TDA. Good luck, Mr. Gillam! Bill Hiemer

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