Letter: Boredom great motivator for most human activity

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Why do people drink alcohol and use other drugs? They do so for the same reason they go to church, skateboard, ski, chase the opposite sex, run for office, and, perhaps, even rob, steal and kill. The reason is that they are bored. They’re like Huck Finn: “All I wanted was a change, I warn’t partik’lar.” They want to be “born again,” to alter their consciousness, to “...have life and have it and have it more abundantly.”

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Utter Nonsense

Jim, as usual, your comments are lacking logic and any form of clear thinking. Do you know any human being that, to paraphrase you, already has all he/she wants? Of course you don't. No one on this planet has everything they ever wanted, and it is foolishness to suggest otherwise. I believe that you write these inane letters to stir up the mud, and to satisfy your ego. Hmmmmm, seems like you must be one of those still "wanting", huh, Jim? On a side note, if you choose not to believe in God, that's your choice, but please don't ascribe your assinine and nonsensical reason of "boredom" to those of us who do believe.


I agree. When I think of boredom although, I think contentment, although that is not the case. I think people can lead to drugs and alcohol because something is not being fulfilled. I believe this parallels your article. If someone's emotional, physical, or spiritual needs aren't being met, it leaves them wanting.

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