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The Daily Advance publishes letters to the editor on subjects of community interest. Letters of personal interest and thank-you’s should be directed to the advertising or classified advertising departments. Please limit letters to 300 words. Letters should be addressed to The Editor, The Daily Advance, P.O. Box 588, Elizabeth City, N.C. 27907-0588; or e-mailed to elizabethcity@dailyadvance.com.


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COA veterans day program

Just want to say thank you and job well done to all the performers in the Veterans day program. The whole show was terrific and very patriotic. It is a shame that more people do not attend the shows at COA and Encore. We have never seen a bad performance. No need to hire outside performers when there is so much local talent! thank you and we are looking forward to next year's show.

NAACP should live up to its name

The recent proposal by the NAACP to remove the Confederate memorial in Elizabeth City is a disservice to the Black community and to the citizenry at large. The history of Pasquotank, NC, or the USA for that matter is the history of all or our citizens, not just some. Removal of monuments and obliteration of the memories they serve leads only to that tried and true adage that those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. This proposal paints the African American population as victims, unable to deal with our history or to face life on its own terms. It's scarcely any better than the attitudes held about their ancestors by the white society that once kept them in chains. In short, it keeps them in chains of their own making. Wouldn't a better approach be to promote monuments and celebration intended to highlight the accomplishments of Black Americans of that day who fought to eradicate slavery and to promote equality. Such an effort would be laudable in its effort and intent to bolster the pride of the Black community and would truly seem to be an advancement rather than an insult. Knee jerk reactions to hate and racism are unworthy of an organization whose stated mission, indeed its name, is the advancement of any group of people.

UNC Student Goverments Send Letter On Guns

In Friday the 19th paper there was a article from the AP about the student gov'ts of 11 UNC campuses sending a letter about why are the House and Senate proposing changes to the Concealed Weapons Carry Permit. Appalachian State Student Body President Dylan Russell is quoted as saying, "I am confused as to how this bill will improve security on campus for students, faculity, staff and other community members". This reflects the ignorance of persons that do not quite know what they are talking about. The law changes are proposed to make us legal carriers of weapons, not break the law when we drive onto a campus after a days work or whatever legally carring our weapon, to go to a night class. What are we supposed to do, drive back home and secure our weapon there and then go to school? This could be a mile out of the way or many miles. I have gone to a couple of community schools at night and sometimes have had to park a considerable distance from the buildings. The last college I went to wasn't large and only had one sucurity officer on duty then, and he was not armed. It would be a comforting thought to know that I had something to fight back with if someone tried to car jack me or rob me once I got to my car. Adding something not covered in the article, the shooting in the movie theater a while back is a nice case to cover. The supposed deranged shooter picked out the only theater in the area that had put up signs barring concealed carry. In North Carolina we are forbidden to carry weapons to events where we have to pay admission. Also until recently we were forbidden to carry our weapons into financial institutions, DUH!, this would be one place where I would want to carry especially if I was either depositing or withdrawing a large sum of money. They also lifted the ban on carrying in state parks, I suppose supporters of this ban thought we were going to shoot "Bambi". Legal Gun Owners would like the people who are scared of guns to get a life and let us live like we want to. As long as we obey the law, of course.

ECSU is a Drunk Tank

More than once I have had the dishonor of collecting a relative from the ECSU Campus because of drunk students. I have seen first hand the results of weekend drinking on the Campus. 18 and 19 year old girls passed out on stairwells, drunk students laying on the grass. And the Campus police do little if anything but call 911 for an ambulance to haul the drunk student to the hospital to sober up. Granted drinking on campus is part of college life, but when other students feel belittled, it is time for our over paid administators to take action. I would like to recommend that drunk students on campus be expelled. I also recommend that Campus Police that tolerate drunk students be fired. We need higher education, not educated drunks.


This has not been talked about much in the media or anywhere else but I just have to address this statement that was made by the president in the state of the union address and that is: "We will ensure equal treatment for all service members, and equal benefits for their families, gay and straight. " My question is this, what does it take to be considered a partner? If you meet a person in a gay bar the night before and have sex with them are they now your partner and can get all the benefits that my wife gets? Who by the way in 1967 because I was under the age of 21 I had to get permission from my commanding officer to get married. Seriously, what is considered a same sex partner? Do they have to get "married" if so where, because in a lot of states same sex marriage is not recognized. Equal treatment for gays is one thing, wrong and a big mistake I think, but equal benefits for their "partners" is a huge mistake and will cost us greatly I believe. I also see where the Sec of Def want to allow "partners" to be buried in the National Cemetery. Wrong just wrong.

And My Name Is

I first sent this as a comment to your article on September 21st, then I remember your comment about people who don't use the real name. Mr. Wright my name is Kenneth Buchanan of Elizabeth City, NC Well it is nice to see that Mr. Wright is no better than his other liberal media cohorts. He also has to jump on the band wagon and blast our next President of the United States, Mitt Romney, about his 47 percent comment, knowing very well what was really being said was not meant to degrade or insult anyone. Below is an article from OneNewNow that I think pretty much says it like it is. The liberal media has already decided who is going to win, but surprise, surprise this is still America and we all still have a voice even if the media doesn’t think so. “A research analyst says the response to Mitt Romney's comments about 47 percent of the population being dependent on government is further proof of the mainstream media's desire to attack the GOP presidential candidate. Tim Graham, director of media analysis for the Media Research Center (MRC), says the media has been caught red-handed in its orchestrated plan to pile up on Romney, as it has all but declared Barack Obama the winner of the 2012 Presidential election. From CNN's Brooke Baldwin hyping the "tsunami" of Romney campaign problems, to Reuters indicating the Romney camp is "reeling" because of a "gaffe-plagued" campaign, Graham tells OneNewsNow the media continues to create the illusion that Romney's campaign is doomed. "There has been an enormous rush of coverage that this secret tape of Romney means the election's over; [media say] it's a crushing blow; it's a seismic event; it's an earthquake," the analyst observes. "These are the people who are always trying to fulfill their own prophecies." The latest Gallup tracking polls, however, communicate a far different story: The presidential race is a virtual dead heat, with Obama holding on to only a one-percent lead over Romney. Graham believes these numbers have the mainstream media concerned. "This sort of spin dampens enthusiasm; it dampens fundraising. That's exactly what they want to do," he asserts. "They want to use their news media coverage to get Obama reelected, and it seems to me that if you've watched the news media since the conventions, they're extremely explicit in campaigning for Obama at this point." Out of nearly 45,000 respondents, a CNBC poll earlier this week found that 76 percent of respondents agree with Romney's statement.”

City Council Meeting

I am not a big fan of the EC City Council, but after watching the last council meeting on Channel 11 I was totally amazed. The Mayor offered up a final solution on Brooks's conduct. This would have end the entire affair, either for or against him. And put the entire distracting situtation to rest, and conduct business of running the city, rather than running eachother. But what I did see were childlish comments, "Tit for Tat" from Brooks, and boarderline racial speaches. I also learned from watching that members of the council are clueless on Proper Procdures with regard to voting. I suggest that each member be given a copy of "Roberts Rules" and have it as required reading. These folk need to get their act together.

How Come

Why wasn't Rich Lowry commentary in your 17 Aug paper posted on the web site? It was a great article and I think we should be allowed to comment on it.

"God Particle" and Bigfoot

"Scientists believe the 'God particle'...is real." This "belief" is based upon "the footprint and shadow of the particle." By that same logic, I guess Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the Yeti are equally real, and should be believed in by scientists! After all, footprints have been found, and shadows have been seen! In 2012, has science really come to the point that footprints and shadows are sufficient proof of existence od ANYTHING? How low the mighty have fallen...

Mooneyham: Voter IDs

Mooneyham, the need for voter IDs is indeed to curb fraud at the polls! We have millions upon millions of illegal immigrants in this country, and many are being pressured to vote in local and national elections. Being required to have a picture ID is no big deal. They're currently required by general commerce for a variety of purchases and services. They can be made available to every CITIZEN in the state for free, and with a minimum of inconvenience. If a person is required to show a picture ID to buy alcohol, or cash a check, or, in many cases, to use a credit card, it makes perfect sense that a person should be required to show a picture ID at the polls. I, for one, don't want elections stolen by illegal immigrant votes, and because we've become too sensitive to "political correctness" to take measures to protect our rights.

One important point

I must agree 100% with you. A picture ID is required for more things than we could list, and to have one is not big deal. I don't remember being insulted when I was told that I needed a picture for my Drivers Lic or Passport. This is a bright side to this entire affair. How can the illegals cash there Welfare Check without one, answer that and you are a better man than I.

Poor Treatment of Veteran's

I have just read an article in the Port St. Lucie, FL News about finding Veteran's remains in a National Cementary that were layed to rest in Cardboard box. Right now I think it is about we, the people re-gain control of 535 Club (US Congress/Senate) and do a good, clean honorable job of clean house. Here is a man that served his country, pick up a weapon, and stood his post. He died in a VA Hospital (big Surprise) gets boxed up like an old pair of shoes and sent to a national cementary. The folk at the cementary, who are as clueless as the VA on what respect is, just drop him in a shallow grave, cardboard box and all, then have the nerve to say he was give a respectful burial. Just because the man had no family. Does that mean he has not earned the level of respect we show our house pets. This is beyond belief.

It basically steers the

It basically steers the direction that the community is headed. The majority of people in a community are powerless to cause real change, however, a small minority who are wealthy and influential can cause fairly rapid change to occur, this change will reflect the agenda of those initiating the change and may not necessarily be in the best interests of the majority. Examples may include building a factory to exploit a natural advantage of the area, meat processing, flour milling, cement manufacturing. These may have positive immediate benefits, employment, boost population, boost local economy but the offset may be undesirable dusts, noise and smells. Tourism may benefit a few in the retail sector but cause congestion, loss of parking space, price hikes etc. that are not beneficial to the local residents. The building of a Temple or Mosque may cause an influx of ethnic cultures to settle in an otherwise peaceful community and cause racial clashes. The building of large scale welfare housing projects may alter the demographics of a community and crime and unemployment may increase The building of a jail may allow the eventual release of potential criminals back into the community allowing for the opportunity to re offend. A large new housing estate may impact on the heritage nature of an older community and may not be sympathetic with the housing style of the area. Hope this has given you something to work with, best regards, Daniel H. Barrett, Tampa personal injury lawyer


The question is this,How many of you Americans out there know that the voteing machines for this up coming President election are going to be counted in the socialist country of Spain and the person who owns the company is a person by the name of George Soros does that name ring a bell?

Amendment One

People opposed to gay marriage may be inclined to support the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment, but actually it makes no sense to vote for Amendment One. If you look around you will find a growing chorus of voices opposing Amendment One that include Republican and Democratic leaders, clergy member, and prominent community leaders all over North Carolina. The reality is that Amendment One is a poorly written law that will negatively affect more heterosexuals than homosexuals, and all North Carolina citizens would do well to learn about the harmful implications of this amendment before they cast their vote in the primary election on May 8. Gay marriage is already illegal in NC, so if this amendment passes it will not affect the status quo. It will however bar the state from recognizing any legal domestic union other than marriage, including partnerships between unmarried men and women. It would also take away the legal protections for the children of unmarried people, including healthcare and prescription drug coverage provided through an unmarried parent. Furthermore, senior citizens wanting to keep their legal protections would be forced to marry, which would cause them to lose their pensions, health care and Social Security benefits. There are many sources of information available about the legal effects of Amendment One, and a compelling one can be found on the homepage of Maxine Eichner, a UNC law professor who is a legal expert in marriage amendment case law. Here it is link: http://www.law.unc.edu/faculty/directory/eichnermaxine/ The sobering reality is that this amendment will hurt many North Carolina families and children. Regardless of your feelings about same-sex marriage, I urge you to VOTE AGAINST Amendment One on May 8.

To Jerry Gill,From Hertford

I have read a few of your letters in the past.What is your religion,I am of Christain faith. Please do not call The United States Of America a war hungry nation,We are not,We respond when we are attacked. On Sept 9,2001 We were attacked in New York City and at The Pentagon.I watched people jump to their deaths from the Twin Towers.We all know what happened that day.Muslim terrorist took claim for this cowardly deed.How did you feel that day,Mr.Gill.3,000 people were murdered.What would you have us do.Do you really think there was a peaceful solution.If you do not like The United States Military protecting your freedom,Then feel free to move to one of those countries that you will not have any,or any right to speak your mind.These young men and women give their lives to protect you!!!!!!!!! God Bless The United States Military Forces Vernon James


For those of you have never heard of this word and its meaning.A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed,are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of capable producers. Does it ring a bell?


Time to send this Congressman packing.

Border Crossing.

So let me get this straight,If you cross the North Korean Border illegally,you get 12 years.hard labor.If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally you get shot.Two americans just got eight years for crossing the iranian border. if you cross the U.S. border illegally you get a job, a drivers license,food stamps, a place to live, health care,housing and child benefits,education and a tax free business for seven years... no wonder we are a country in debt.


The time is coming for a real big change,re-elect no one, its time to move into the 21st century, and vote out the 19th century..especially those who will raise your property taxes if running for reelection.

paper delivery

I appreciate the fact the carriers are up early to deliver many papers to many neighborhoods and don't make a lot of money doing the job. But since the first of the year, with the resignation of our old carrier, our paper delivery has been sporadic at best. And not just my delivery but all the neighbors on the street where I live are upset. Today takes the cake. Our carrier delivers both The Daily Advance and the Virginia-Pilot. The papers were not delivered until 10:00 and we did not receive The Daily Advance. Inside the second plastic bag were three sections of the VA-Pilot. I believe that in the two months since the carrier has started you now owe me two weeks credit. Please change something before you lose a whole street of subscriptions.

Chick-fil-A opening

I think that the opening of a Chick-Fil-A with 100 people all camped around the restaurant is shameful. The people that participate in this event are all egomaniacs, gluttons, and far from frugal. They do not come from our area and take away the chance for any of our people to participate in this event. This event should be only limited to the area that this newspaper covers and no more. The Knupp's collection of coupons from 77 first openings is showing their egotisism and gluttony. Are they going to eat at the restaurant daily for the time needed to use up their coupons? I think not. They are just going to display them. Meanwhile they use up their space to gain more coupons to display. And to travel for 1000 miles to camp out for a first opening to gain more coupons is laughable. If the restaurant wants to have this type of opening then only allow people to camp out who are from the area and can show proof of this. Quit allowing ego seeking glutionous people in so people from the are can participate if they want to. Only they will get the places first and if any places are left open then allow them in on a raffle system. As for me I do not emjoy eating at such a place that allows such travesty.

Chowan County Fair

Tried to support my community tonight and attend the fair. I lost over $50. It rained after we got there, REALLY bad, thunder, lightening, very strong winds.After waiting an hour politely asked for raincheck. Was very RUDELY told by EC Topping and his wife Brenda we do not give refunds or rainchecks, it will be gone in 30 mins. Well the rain was not gone in 30 mins. It was more like a hour and 30 mins. longer for the lightening. Those of us with small children ( and there to spend money on those small children) left. There were large pools of water standing everywhere. It would have taken a while after the storm passed to open and set everything up again. It was not the Legion or the Fairs responsibility to dry the rides off, it was yours. They had your money and as it is every year that is all they care about. If they were treated this way there would be h*ll to pay. They would not stand for it. I will not be back. EVER. They have taken my money for the last time.They do not need or deserve our support if this how they show their appreciation for our business. The rain was not their fault or ours and if this is the best they can do, I feel very sorry for them.I hope everyone stops and thinks before supporting this kind of business. And they wonder why so many people take their businees out of town. I was not the only one requesting a raincheck so that I could come back another day to spend my money. Some there had 4 or 5 kids. They will not be back either. It might be a small loss but all the same it is a loss and with times the way they are and money tight people will stop supporting things like this.

Obama and the Economy

Once again President Obama and the Dems have placed our elected officials in a "vote for it and then see what is in it" rush, rush vote. Obama's MO has been to place fear in the hearts of people as he chooses to not do anything until there is not any time for proper discussion. He is even using his address to Congress on the jobs bills as an advertisement - wrong. What wonderful promises but how is it to be paid for. We have been down that road enough to know that the transparency promised is not there; never was. JFK, who inherited the Bay of Pigs debacle as he came into office, never blamed the previous president. We know that the current president blames Bush, the natural disasters, and everything else possible except for himself. Obama has never left campaign mode and his rhetoric is even getting stronger as he covers the US with his "elect me" message. Suddenly he loves the US and God. Strange for a man who decried all the faults of the US to foreign countries and his ways of keeping prayer out of the government. There is a new explanation for OMG - Obama Must Go!!!!!!

Councilman Brooks

What percentage of the people that have excercised their freedom of speech have run for an elected office in E.C.? If so concerned about this town help run it. It is very easy to criticize any one that are not your neighbor, family or friend without ALL THE FACTS ,that'only human. Everyone so quick to jump on the band wagon need to make sure the wagon can hold them,when they look in the mirror they are looking at themselves and their closets are clean and empty.What has happened to our society that people make nasty remarks about others but when the shoe is worn by them it hurts.Their are two sides to every story and if we judge the first chapter, sometimes we don't finish the complete story. What has happened to the words innocent until proven guilty.

Eco Industrial Park in Camden

Just read about the restrictions Camden has on companies wanting to locate in its Eco-Industrial Park. I doubt this Park will be successful or beneficial to the community Very few companies are going to "jump through all the hoops" Camden requires when it would be easier to locate some place else. Honestly, I don't think Camden commissioners really want any businesses moving into the area. This is so plain to see!

Kudzu Jesus

I'm not certain if I see Jesus in the photo of a vine climbing a pole on US 258 near Kinston. I am, however, sure that I don't see Kudzu. That's not simply my opinion. According to an article at the Kinston Free Press website, the vine is actually a Trumpet Vine. A reporter from the Free Press verified this with his local agriculture extension agent. It is disappointing that so many other news agenicies wrongly reported this story and failed to verify the facts. Despite what some may think, not all vines in the South are Kudzu.

Hertford Police

I travel US 17 south every day going into Elizabeth City. It has become obvious that the Hertford Police Department has no regard for the law. Several times every week a marked Hertford police care passes me in the left lane at well beyond 70mph. Most of the time he turns onto old hertford hwy. Exactly how can people respect law enforcement when they excede the speed limit without blue lights and siren. You see police , we know you can't excede the posted speed limit without a reason, without lights and siren. Please show people the respect you give us tickets for.

Mr. Lincoln, what about our hemisphere?

Mr. Lincoln, What About our Hemisphere? "All the armies of Europe and Asia...could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years." So said Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth president of the United States. And yet by the steady trek across our borders, we have been invaded by a mass of people, unchecked and uninvited that have come as a plague on our great country. This is not about legal immigration. Legal immigration is good for our country and ensures that people with certain talents and skills can enrich our nation and keep America dynamic and technologically advanced. Legal immigration is by its nature regulated and those seeking legal immigration believe being a citizen is a coveted title and one worth the process and long wait.This is not about race or religion. This is not about national origin. Legal Latino American immigration greatly enriches the tapestry of the United States. When they embrace our laws and language they bring tremendous loyalty to our country, society, and military. Again, it is not about national origin. We are a nation of laws. This is about filtering and regulating who enters the United States of America. No country can be a sovereign nation when millions of people can sneak across our borders and be allowed to wander wherever they wish, to travel and settle wherever they desire. How can a secure country allow this? If a small contingent of foreign troops crossed our borders illegally, many would be incensed and up in arms demanding action to repulse. And yet many well intentioned liberal Americans are not troubled by this invasion and are willing to defend the invaders. This is ludicrous! What about our suffering citizens? A nation is much more than a place on a map. "It is a state of mind, a shared vision, and a recognition that we are all in this together . . . [and] one indispensable element must be that we all speak one common language." And this language in America is English. Trends continuing, we could truly become a bilingual country. Speaking several languages is a good thing personally, but it is very bad for a nation to be bilingual. All signs, all documents should be in English, to be otherwise is sowing seeds of a bitter harvest. One common language is a must. In California, some fourth and fifth generation Mexican immigrants are still speaking only Spanish and resisting assimilation. A common language is a great unifier and conversely several defacto official languages is a great divider. The fabric of our country will be stretched, perhaps torn if we allow carte blanche citizenship of 15 million largely unskilled manual laborers. Blanket amnesty would cause much strife, how wrong it would be to reward illegal behavior! What about the thousands of people waiting in line to become legal “citizens?” This is an affront to them. In our democracy there is a basic belief and acceptance of the rule of law. This is the cornerstone of our democracy. This reverence comes from generations of people that not only embrace this but have been willing to spill their blood in defense of these held tenets and ideals. The rule of law! If a taxpayer commits an error filing his taxes, he can be prosecuted and sent to jail, if a person is caught using drugs recreationally, harming no one but himself, he will go to jail. If a person makes their own whiskey to drink or sell, they can go to jail, but millions can break our border laws and remain in our country and go unpunished. Where is the outrage? Why should all the other laws in our country remain in effect and yet breaching our sovereignty is not even punished. Where is the outrage? Naïve and maybe well meaning American liberals need to stop shrilling Emma Lazarus’s "Give me your tired, your poor, / your huddled masses." The world population was 1.5 billion when she penned those words. It is now 7 billion people. America is not and cannot be a dumping ground for the rest of the world's surplus population. Our federal government does not seem to have the political will to do anything about the illegal immigration, yet the Justice Department rails against any states that try and deal with this crisis. Our nation is going broke, this is a huge problem for many states, and we cannot afford to finance our own destruction. Our people are suffering; with unemployment averaging almost 9 % overall and over 16 % among our black citizens, How can any reasonable person say illegal immigrants are not taking jobs from Americans? This is nonsense. It is ludicrous to say Americans will not do the work that needs to be done. This is a Masterpiece of Understatement, totally absurd. Americans want to work. It is time to cut off the jobs, food stamps, free health care and the 10's of billions of dollars sent back to Mexico every year from illegal’s working here. If just these few things were done then you would reduce the deficit, unemployment and help our economy by making the income earned here stay here. Why is this so hard to understand? What in the world is wrong with any Americans willing to accept this illegal behavior -- nowhere in the world could this happen on such a wholesale level? It is disgusting!!! We have slipped so far as a sovereign nation. Where is the outrage? Our laws and constitution distinguish us from the chaos of much of the rest of the world. Our constitution and laws are precious to Americans. If we have a huge amount of people that do not understand its meaning or believe it is only a bunch of English words written by a few privileged long dead colonists rather than the genius of creation it is, then we are in trouble. When a majority of people do not revere our rule of law and our constitution, we are in trouble. Our laws and constitution are our distinction from the failings of many other countries. If we have a large number of people that do not understand or care about this living document we are in trouble. Where is the outrage? Illegal immigration may ultimately prove to be more threatening to the character and values of the United States than any threat from radical Islamists. Wake up, speak up. Demand real change .Where is the outrage? WAKE UP AMERICA AND DEMAND REAL CHANGE RIGHT NOW!!! by Jerry Change

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